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Asterix  |  Total images: 2  |  Date added: 13.04.2008
Vignettes for our Peking 1900 game
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Vignettes for our Peking 1900 game  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 13.04.2008
For the 2004 Crisis show in Antwerp small humorous scenes were a must!
Colonial Miniatures
Colonial Miniatures  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 02.10.2006
Kings of the jungle
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Kings of the jungle  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 13.04.2008
These splendid sculpts from Josef Ochmann's Obelisk miniatures range were a joy to paint. I wanted them all as silverbacks and made some fun photos with the apes in my jungle terrain.
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Fantasy  |  Total images: 14  |  Date added: 13.04.2008
Future Wars
Future Wars  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 28.02.2007
Guns  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 28.02.2007
Medieval  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 27.02.2007
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THE PIRATE GALLEON - A WORK IN PROGRESS REPORT  |  Total images: 20  |  Date added: 13.04.2008
More than fifty years ago my grandfather build a scale model of the sailing ship "Wappen von Hamburg" in about 1/80 scale, all from wood, brass and other raw materials. At that time you couldn't go into a shop and buy a kit or order ready built detail parts on the Internet, everything had to be made by yourself. The best example are the guns: every single one was turned from a single brass piece on a lathe. Unfortunately, the finished large ship model had no protection at all from dust, as there was non glass case, and when I found it some years ago, decades of dust had assembled everywhere and the ship was in a sad and partly broken state. So I decided to keep the interesting parts like masts, guns, railings and detail parts to use them later on a new ship model I planned to build for my pirates.
TACTICA 2007 - Impressions from a most splendid weekend!
TACTICA 2007 - Impressions from a most splendid weekend!  |  Total images: 89  |  Date added: 27.02.2007
Most impressive gaming tables with the highest craftmanship, very nice and helpful gamers from the Hamburg club, some well stocked traders and a bright and comfortable location - what more can you expect from a wargame event? See you next year, guys ...
TEAM FOR HISTORICAL SIMULATIONS - Some games from the club evenings ...
TEAM FOR HISTORICAL SIMULATIONS - Some games from the club evenings ...  |  Total images: 226  |  Date added: 07.11.2007
I'll feature the one or other of our club games here with more pictures than you'll usually see on our club's webpage Team für Historische Simulationen
Victorian Steampunk
Victorian Steampunk  |  Total images: 6  |  Date added: 02.10.2006

October 02, 2006 @ 12:33

After all those years I've managed to get my first website working. I will add new and old stuff from my 30+ years of modelling, painting and gaming with miniatures.

Have fun browsing the pictures, and if you would like to comment, feel free to drop me a line to Michael Immig,

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