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TEAM FOR HISTORICAL SIMULATIONS - Some games from the club evenings ...
I'll feature the one or other of our club games here with more pictures than you'll usually see on our club's webpage Team für Historische Simulationen

The time was around the Faschoda Crisis - the universe must have been someone's else ...
The time was around the Faschoda Crisis - the universe must have been someone's else ...  |  Total images: 23  |  Date added: 07.11.2007
Bernhard had invested major parts of his income in traditional northern german jungle terrain after being completely charmed by Matrose Grimm's splendid stuff ..., so he set up a nice game featuring hordes of african warriors, shy and restrained british troops, treacherous arabian slavers and ruffians, belgian - sorry - french colonial troops and - last but not least - a Predator. Yes, that's true, and most of the time he was on stealth mode. The Predator, not Bernhard, who played him. So we could tell us lucky ones, `cause when he was visible on the table, he was in killing mode ... A real nice game with short but playable and fast skirmish rules by Bernhard himself and Grimm's impressive terrain features - we had lots of fun and a good time as usual.
WORRINGEN 1286 - BEST OF SHOW AT CRISIS 2007  |  Total images: 203  |  Date added: 09.03.2008
This is a fictional scenario based on the events leading up to the battle of Worringen in 1288. The game is set in our club’s backyard, the area between the rivers Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper. ”Worringen 1286 -The Baron Wars” reflects the fight for supremacy between the townsfolk and the Archbishop of Cologne, as well as the disputes between the various local Barons (Burggrafen). These knights, their coats of arms and all place names are authentic. To create a playable game we naturally took some liberties with the geography of the area and certain characters, such as “Robert Hat and his band of merry men”, who may possibly have never been here ... We were using our home made modular gaming terrain (50x50cm hardboard tiles), which have been lovingly restored in months of hard work by Holger Bartnitzki. The figures are 25/28mm from various manufacturers e.g. Foundry, Hobby Products, Mirliton, Gripping Beast etc. The village was built by Dietmar Schmidt-Bartelt. All other buildings are from Michael Immig’s collection. The trees making up the dark forest known as “Burgholz“ have been provided by the creative Grimm from Hamburg and fantasygelände.de. The rules are, more or less, ”MAN AT ARMS-One brain cell medieval skirmish rules” by Jim Wallman. The idea for the scenario and the whole framework was my work. Some more text, background information and the layout have been added by Karl-Heinz Kieckers. Robert Sleath translated the German texts into proper English. Preparing the game took roughly a year, and it was presented for the first time at “Crisis 07” in Antwerp. The work and devotion involved was honored with the "Best of Show - best presented wargame" award at the end of the Crisis show.

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